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just like the title says
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Hey Guys, long time no see. It's obvious I haven't been keeping care of the old club here, and boy does it show.

I created this club all the way back in 2004, at time before DA clubs, because I wanted to create a spot where all the famous expansion artists could post their art and be recognized. I started off with the best intentions, I vowed I'd check here everyday and add art that people submitted.

Well, as many things I tried, I slowly began shirking my duties. First it was every other day, then once a week, then once a month, etc. Well, this latest time I don't think I had checked it for over a year. I should have done this ages ago, but I'm puling the plug.

Fret not, you wonderful people who either submitted art in the past, or are looking for expansion art here on DA. Numerous clubs related to hte craft have popped up since the creation of Clubs here on DA. I'm sure they will gladly take your art ast part of their groups. I'e posted here some of the more popular ones"

:iconexpansioncentral: For most types of expansion.

:iconbigbellydrawings: For big Belies.

:iconbodyinflation: For various forms of inflation.

:iconblueberry-fetish: For you berry girl lovers out there.

:iconimpreg-nation: For you pregnancy fans.

Those seem to be the more popular ones. At any rate, the ride was good for a while, although I've clearly been superseded and faded into obscurity.

Goodbye guys. It was fun while it lasted.
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Did you know the pictures from those people are gone. I clicked the links from the pictures and found out they are gone.
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I love this.
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Is this club still active?
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